The Great Gift of Dark Chocolate

The day began early, 4AM early. Initially I was going to complete a threshold test run since I am beginning my half-marathon training, but there was rain/freezing rain pouring down outside, so I had to adjust. I bumped up the cycling session I had planned for tomorrow to today and I will do the run tomorrow.

I logged 1 hour and 45 min on the trainer at a steady moderate effort. I came out of the saddle a bit too for 1-2 minutes to change it up, spike my heart rate, and so my bottom wouldn’t go completely numb. I really do enjoy riding on the trainer because it is very convenient and reliable. Yeah, for long periods of time it gets boring, but I always watch a show I have recently become obsessed with so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

I felt good during the ride, but I wish I had a computer hooked up to see if I am actually making progress and becoming stronger. I believe I am, but who knows, ha. One can only hope.

Once off, I did some good stretching/yoga. I try to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. The poses are great for lengthening out the muscles and they can really energize you. I enjoy doing any pose that opens the hips (which are most). A couple of my favorite poses I did this morning were half moon, and pigeon to mermaid!

After this workout I will definitely be indulging in dark chocolate tonight! I am a lover of all chocolate especially when it is paired with peanut butter. I try to stay with dark chocolate that is above 70% cacao. Cacao is a bean, rich with flavonoids, which is a plant-based organic compound. It has powerful antioxidant properties that have numerous health benefits! So that “dark chocolate” hershey bar, dark chocolate m&m, and Dove dark chocolate do not give you the good health benefits you think it might.

Cacao by itself it very chalky and bitter, when the milk, butter, and sugar is added it makes it more yummy! But, of course, this takes out the flavanols negating the health benefits.

Check out this article where I read up on this and it provides 7 health benefits that are gained by consuming dark chocolate. I personally like Ghiradelli Intense Dark 72% Yum!


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