Run Lead – Crush Multisport

More BIG news…I joined the Crush Multisport team! If you live in the Chicagoland area join! Be sure to mention my name. ;) Check out their blog or website for more details!

In relation with joining I am now a run group leader for Crush Multisport and Road Runner Sports at Road Runner’s Kildeer location. Dates and times have not been established, but I believe they will be on Sunday’s when temperatures are above 40 degrees. All paces are welcome! I will post scheduled runs on my twitter and here as well as on Crush Multisport’s pages. I am very excited to be a part of this growing team; it’s looking to be a great season!


I headed to the pool early this morning (5:30AM) for today’s workout. I completed 2.72 miles, 4,800 yards in 1 hr 17 min with a 1:32/100 yard pace.




Good Morning!


It was a tough workout, the last three 300s I definitely did not make it on the 4:05. My shoulder blade was hurting a bit too, I was able to push through, but I hope it doesn’t amount to anything more serious.

As always, I felt great after the swim and refueled with PowerBar


How do you refuel?

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