Weekend Wrap-Up/The Start of Half-Marathon Training

I hope everyone had a relaxing and productive weekend and a love filled Valentines Day as well!

Weekends are my absolute favorite, as I am sure they are for everyone, because I love the slowness of the days. Savoring coffee and catching up on shows while being able to get in long training days when the day is bright! Unlike my week days which bring early morning workouts and a rush to get to work.


My Saturday morning was filled with errands and a stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods to use a gift card I received from Christmas. This trip was dangerous, you cannot allow me to go into any sporting goods store that has anything Nike. I took a look around the store contemplating on buying new shoes or running clothes. I ended up trying on some nike running pants and ended up making the purchase. I am so in love and cannot wait until the weather warms up to wear them! New gear can be motivation in itself!

IMG_1393Can’t get enough! Too cute!

I then made it home before I did any more damage and to refuel before my afternoon swim. I made some more peanut butter and slathered it on Ezekiel bread toasted. I paired it with a banana and Downton Abbey.


My swim consisted of a 30 minute time trial. I didn’t swim full out, but I did make a good effort. I ended up swimming 1.22 miles on a 1:25 min/100 yrd pace. My warm-down was 300 pull with paddles and then a 100 easy. I am very happy with the pace and distance and this is what I am aiming to go for my half IRONMAN swim. Hopefully now I will go even faster!


Back at home I hit the weights. I was at it for half hour or more, I wasn’t keeping track. I did a mix of things, biceps, triceps, jump switch lunges, Romanian deadlift, straight leg deadlifts, sumo squats, and abdominal work.

I showered and ate and caught up on more shows before we headed for dinner. I have been CRAVING a good bison burger. Living in the suburbs there are not many options for this and I ended up finding a place a half hour away. This place is a new favorite and I will return. I am thinking it might be a place to go before big races! It has a great atmosphere, live music, GREAT food with many veggie options and they buy local and organic! What more could you ask for. I cannot wait to come in the summer because they have a nice outdoor seating area. 

We ordered their mussels for an appetizer and they were amazing, lots of tomatoes and garlic and very savory. I ordered a bison burger and sweet potato fries.


I was in my own heaven as I devoured this meal. It was so good I ended up passing out as soon as we got home. Full on Grandma status.


My half marathon training officially started today and I was to complete a zone 3 30 min run. It was so sunny outside today and 20 degrees! I made sure to get out there and use this nice weather to my full advantage. I had a great run and was close to my PR for my 5k. I ended up running into our town’s running club so they gave me a push to negative split my second mile.


This is major progress for me and I was ecstatic. I just need to keep at it and I know the times will continue to drop.


Snow and Sun


Post recovery run fuel was a glass of dark chocolate almond milk, homemade peanut butter with Ezekiel bread toast, and a banana.


I recovered the rest of today by watching Michigan State lose badly and by watching Netflix. Just an ordinary Sunday Funday! Here is what I had for lunch!


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