The Joys of Traveling

Ah, laying in my hotel room watching New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The little joys in life after a rough day. And I officially signed up for IRONMAN 70.3 Racine! What did I get myself into!?








I had to travel down to Decatur, Illinois for work today. We have a plant down here and our headquarters were formally located at the same facility. The headquarters has been moved to my location, but we still have a few team members working here. So, to ensure that I get my workouts in I woke up at 4AM and hopped on the trainer for 45 min. Watching Netflix has been my lifesaver for these rides!

It then took me around 4 hours to get to Decatur! I don’t know what it is, but lately long drives have been hurting my back and hips! No bueno. Once I was finished working I headed over to my hotel, checked in, and went right to the “fitness room.” Don’t we all love these tiny hotel fitness rooms? With a couple aerobic machines and a tv? I do! But really, with the way the weather has been I was actually happy to run on the treadmill. 6 miles {10:00, 9:28, 9:22, 9:15, 9:02, 12:??} This run HURT! My calves killed the entire time. I walked some the last mile because my calves were so tight. I think the ride this morning, combined with the drive and then wearing heels at work did me in. I wore my compression socks, but apparently it wasn’t enough.


I plan on doing an interval run in the morning and I will be heading back home too!



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