Five Things Monday

Despite the blistering cold and snowy winter Chicago has been having, I have been sticking with my training. Hunkering down with a warm blanket and a mocha or latte from Starbucks has not been an option! Ok, after my workouts yeah, it’s become custom!

Staying positive and focusing on my goals has kept me going and I am looking forward to this upcoming season! I want to start a new tradition on my blog of updating five things that are either just on my mind or that I am excited about. So, this week my five things are…


1. Today’s Swim Workout

I pulled my swim workout off of This site is a go to for me; she has great workouts for all levels. I did add an additional 300 from another workout to increase my yardage! I got to the pool around 6AM and got to work, you can see the workout as well as the data from my Garmin below. It was a great swim, always feels good to start my day with a hard workout. I ended up hitting every 100 in the last set by going a 1:25 or better! This shows me I am making improvements and I could not be more stoked.

300 Swim/200 Kick/100 Drill
200 Kick (on your back, no boards)
100 (50 tarzan drill/50 fingertip drag)
12×50 @ :55 (25 IM order/25free)
500 Pull (50 FAST/200 smooth, repeat)
10×50 @ :50 (descend 1-5, 6-10)
500 swim (No Walls, 25 FAST/75 smooth, repeat)
8×75 @ 1:20 (25 Kick/25 non-free/25 free)
5×100 swim @ 1:25 (all strong)
300 Cool Down (50 Kick/100 choice, repeat)
4400 total 2.5 miles


2. Peanut Butter!

So, my best friend, Nikki, bought me food processor for Christmas after I was telling her how much I want to make my own peanut butter. Well, I finally made some last weekend and it was AMAZING. It technically wasn’t peanut butter, more like roasted peanuts made smooth. I used nothing else! I love the taste of grounded peanuts on toasted Ezekiel bread. YUM YUM!


3. Bike Fitting over the Weekend

Big news, I finally got my bike fitted on Saturday. I have had my 2014 Kestrel Talon since Christmas and I have been riding on an unfitted tri bike on the trainer for over a month. Yikes!

We drove down to Performance Bike Shop in Northbrook to receive the complementary fitting. Brian, the new store manager, assisted me and he did an awesome job. He repositioned everything and I am now comfortable riding in aero, which I still have to get used to. They are trying to gain more online presence for their store to attract local riders and the like so they asked if they could take my picture with my bike to be featured as their “Customer of the Week.” So go check out their Facebook page. They have a great staff and they always have good deals! In return for helping them out they generously gave me a Forté Omega Carbon Cage! I also purchased new bike pedals, Shimano 105 spd sl. I left a happy customer!




4. Training Plan Completed

I have completed my 2014 training plan. It officially starts next week, as my half marathon training will begin. I will also begin giving weekly recaps of my training. This year I will have many firsts and a wide array of races. I plan on racing my first Olympic distance triathlon (including USAT Nationals), sprints, my first half marathon, my first marathon!, an open water 5k swim, my first century ride, other miscellaneous road races, and…

5. I’M RACING IRONMAN RACINE 70.3!!!!!!!!!

I decided on this today and I am so excited. I did not initially plan to enter this race as I thought I would not be ready, for the fact that I have never ran 13.1 miles, but I believe I will be more than ready by July 20th. I chose not to take a long period of time off this winter. I have continued with my training, although it has not been as intense as when in season, I have a great base to work from. My half marathon training will work well into my half ironman training. Wow, I still cannot believe I am doing a half ironman.


Happy training!

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