Snowy Day Means Play Day!

The snow has been crazy here in Chicago! It started snowing at 2PM on Tuesday and did not stop ’til today around 1PM. That made for about 14 inches! My commute to work is a long one so I knew I might not be able to make it into the office today. I woke up around my usual time, 4:30AM, and sure enough it looked terrible out and the snow was picking up. There was no way I was gonna head out onto those roads. So, I declared it a snow day!

I started my snow day by getting back into bed and caught up on some more sleep. Once awake I immediately got my workout in. Because of the snow I completed my workout in the warm confines of my basement.


I started out with 30 min on the trainer, on my new tri bike! I did a 10 min warmup, picked up the pace for the next 10 and brought it back down for the last 10. I then concentrated on leg strengthening with weights.

Lunges (10 reps each leg) – 15 pound dumbbells

Cross Over Reverse Lunge (10 reps each leg) – 10 pound dumbbells

Sumo Squats (10 reps) – 20 pound dumbbell

x 3

Romanian Deadlift Straight Legs (20 reps) – 20 pound dumbbells

Reverse Lunges (10 reps each leg) – 15 pound dumbbells

x 3

Barbell Squats (10 reps) – 20 Pounds (easy/no squat rack or spotter)

Donkey Kicks (10 reps each leg)

x 3

Leg Curl with Exercise Ball – KEEP BUTT UP (10 reps) x 3

Bridges with Exercise Ball (10 reps) x 3

80 Jumping Jacks

30 sec of jump squats and split jump lunges

I LOVE the feeling after leg day, am I crazy?

I then got in an additional workout by shoveling all the lovely snow on my driveway, sidewalk, and deck. It was safe to say, I was beat after all of that.


Today is my best friend’s birthday and fortunately I was able to see her since I did not go to work. After shoveling I showered and we went out to lunch. The rest of my day consisted of me in bed with tea watching my new addiction, Scandal! I cannot get enough.  I dare you to watch ;)

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