NEW YEAR! (let’s make it count)

Happy New Year! Wow, 2014 is already here and I am beyond excited for what is to come. As a the new year begins we reflect upon the previous. 2013 for me, brought some serious change. In my professional career my hard work and perseverance paid off as I transitioned from a contractor to a full-time employee as a Tax Associate. In my personal life I made one of the hardest decisions…to end my 4-year relationship with my boyfriend. Although this was tough and a complete change for me I knew it would prove to be beneficial in the long-run…I will leave out the messy details ;). BUT, the biggest change came from my decision to sign up for my first triathlon. This sparked motivation within me that I did not know I possessed. I have become engulfed with the sport of triathlon and I am enjoying every moment along the way. After completing my first sprint triathlon I signed up and completed four more! I even managed to qualify for USAT National Championships! I also raced in two 10ks and many 5ks. With all this training and a complete turnaround in my diet, I have lost 25 pounds! I feel strong and healthy and I am excited to continue this journey in 2014.

My goals for this year are huge! And I am chomping at the bit to implement them. I will name a few…I wish to become more involved with blogging about my experiences with triathlons as well as fitness and clean eating. I want to inspire and motivate others to make the changes I have. I plan to complete my first olympic distance triathlon, half-marathon, marathon, century ride, and swim an open 5k. I want to grow in my practice with yoga and become a certified yoga teacher. I also want to move out of the mid-west and begin my life completely independent. More importantly, I want to be more patient, enjoy every moment, and show more love. I am grateful for where I am in my life and the opportunities I have been given, I owe this to my mother and father, who I could not thank enough.

I hope all of you have a great year!

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